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This site is dedicated to giving you information regarding inkjet cartridges. The number of companies offering refillable or remanufactured inkjet cartridges, refill kits, and generic or compatible inkjet cartridges has increased dramatically in the last couple years. It seems everywhere you go particularly online there is yet another supplier offering the lowest prices, the cheapest inkjet refills, and the easiest refill kits. And, chances are, you are playing it safe and still paying top dollar for your trusty brand name ink jet cartridge from your local office supplier. After all, you reason, thirty to sixty dollars is still cheaper than purchasing a new inkjet printer or worrying about voiding your warranty because the manufacturer has told you that a refill might damage the printer.

With so many choices available today, and so many questions, it is hard to determine what type of cartridge will provide you with the best quality for your money. Should you use only manufacturers cartridges and stay away from compatible brands? You want to recycle for economic and environmental reasons, but are refill kits or remanufactured cartridge services really as simple as advertisements make it seem? 

On the following pages, we address these questions by providing you with some interesting facts on the different options available. Armed with information, you will be able to make knowledgeable choices the next time you see that blinking light on your printer.




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