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Quick Fix List for Ink jet Cartridge
Print Problems

Below are some common fixes that can often resolve ink jet cartridge print problems:

  • Run a little warm tap water over the print head. This can dissolve any ink, which may have dried in the cartridge. This is especially helpful if the cartridge has been removed and exposed to air for any length of time.
  • The heaters can sometimes become plugged. This can often be cured by cleaning the contacts on the cartridge and in the printer carriage with water or alcohol. After cleaning, snap the cartridge in and out a few times to be sure you have a good connection between contacts in the cartridge and the printer.
  • Smeared print can be caused by a buildup of ink on the wiper blade found in most HP (Hewlett-Packard) Deskjet models. If you are experiencing trouble with smeared ink, clean the wiper blade according to the printer manual instructions.

If these tricks fail to correct your print problems, the inkjet cartridge has probably reached the end of its useful life. Itís time to buy a new cartridge.



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