Refilling Ink Jet Cartridges with Kits - Advantages and Disadvantages

Another cost saving and environmentally friendly option is refilling ink jet cartridges using a kit. A strong advantage to using a kit is convenience. You can run out of ink and within just a few minutes, have the inkjet cartridge back in service again. The disadvantage is it can sometimes take one or two refills to get the knack of refilling the cartridge. It is usually a good idea to refill near a sink the first couple of times. Another disadvantage is that ink quality varies considerably between companies. Purchase refill kits from a supplier with a solid reputation or online business rating that offers inkjet cartridges as well as refill kits. These suppliers will have researched the various kits available, and offer only the ones that meet the suppliers standards. And finally, as with remanufacturing services, not all cartridges can be refilled successfully. A claim to the contrary is a red flag not to purchase refill kits from that company.



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